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Energy saving tips for commercial kitchens & bars

Is your kitchen energy efficient?  The focus in kitchens up and down the country is not only on increased food costs but energy costs too.

Refrigeration experts Foster & Gamko have put together an energy-saving toolkit to support the catering industry and help them save thousands of pounds in energy.

Some of their ‘hacks’ are common sense such as not positioning your refrigeration in the hottest part of your kitchen, others look to front of house heating and the effect on cool storage and how a slight change in how you use your fridges during service can impact your energy costs.

Their first tip is to keep a regular maintenance plan to keep your appliances running at their optimum capacity, which we would naturally support!

Foster & Gamko Energy Hacks

You can read all their hints and tips in their full toolkit here.

If any of these hacks strike a chord with your operation we stock and install Foster & Gamko equipment and can also offer 2 year interest free credit if you’re looking to make a switch.

As always Sal can advise on the best equipment and maintenance plan for your kitchen to help you work smarter and save money. So give her a ring and tap into her expertise – it could save you a significant amount of cash in the long run.


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