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Sammic March Offers

Sammic offer a wide range of equipment from ware-wash, veg prep, sous vide, mixers, pizza ovens.

Team Lakes have managed to secure some great deals on hand held stick blenders, food processors, veg slicer and vac packing machines.

These offers are only available to us until the end of March, so if you’re looking for a new piece of kit get in touch soon to secure these discounted prices.




XM-12 stick blender £159.00 + vat

The most delicate preparations, airy blendings, smooth purees with no need for add-on tools.
Designed for continuous use.
Adjustable speed
Ideal for mise en place.
Maximum comfort of use in recipients of up to 10L.


XM-33 stick blender £269.00 + vat

Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
Fixed speed motor block.
420 mm detachable arm.
Designed for continuous use in recipients of up to 60L.


K-41 Food Processor £649.00 + vat

Compact bowl cutter.
Compact ACTIVE line. 1-speed motor block + 4.4L cutter bowl with lateral stirrers.
Transparent polycarbonate lid equipped with hole to add ingredients in use.


CA-31 Veg Prep *with free 3 disc starter pack* £799.00 + vat

Vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 450 Kg.
Single-speed motor block + Regular hopper.
High precision adjustments to obtain a uniform and excellent-quality cut.
It can be fitted with a wide range of discs and grids of the highest cutting quality. Combining these accessories together to obtain more than 70 different types of cuts and grating grades.


SE-310 Vac Packer £1559.00 + vat

Tabletop model.
320 mm sealing bar
10 m³/h Busch vacuum pump. Vacuum controlled by sensor.


SE-410 Vac Packer £1869.00 + vat

Tabletop model.
420 mm sealing bar
10 m³/h Busch vacuum pump. Vacuum controlled by sensor.


Contact Sal to order or learn more about these products on 01539 724506 or email [email protected]

Please quote CODE *SAM3103* to qualify for these one-off special deals (or prices)


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