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The importance of servicing all your appliances

Your electrical items are often overlooked when booking your annual gas service. These pieces of catering equipment, large and small, need TLC too for many reasons.

Glasswashers & Dishwashers

Undercounter, flight machines, pan and utensil washers all benefit from a 6 month or annual service that can reduce breakdowns and promotes and extend the life of your equipment.



Preparation & cooking equipment

These all need regular maintenance – filters & vents cleaned, water tanks descaled, thermostats checked & general operation.



Regular appliance maintenance will not only improve the efficiency of your equipment but will save money in the long run and may even cut your energy bill!

A service of your commercial kitchen equipment will find:

  • Internal cables and wiring can get brittle over time, caused by heat leading them to fail causing various breakdowns
  • Water tanks (water boilers, dishwashers, combi ovens etc) can all suffer from scale deposits which can block various components in the machine, such as probes and sensors
  • Various seals, external and more importantly, internal can perish causing leaks and damage
  • Temperatures are checked that they are correct for the specific piece of equipment. A dishwasher for example needs to perform at a certain temperature for H&S reasons and hygiene. This check includes thermostats, timers, motors and fans
  • Electric fryers, these now need to be inspected for your insurance cover – LCM cover this
  • Chemical lines and pumps can tire over time leading the machine to not clean properly, again H&S issues
  • Heat loss from door seals, hinges and handles can lead to extra energy being used. A poor-performing door operation or failed door seal can actually cost you money! These are checked, replaced or tightened up.
  • Pressure vessels and break tanks cleaned out, drainage pipes and pumps all checked & cleared

When Team Lakes service your appliances we will always check that they are adequate for your needs and support staff in keeping them well maintained to avoid unnecessary call outs!



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