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Energy saving in commercial kitchens

With ever increasing costs in energy, ingredients, and staffing, hospitality businesses are being squeezed from every angle.  At times like this having a robust, regular maintenance plan to ensure you don’t lose any downtime is an essential part of your business.  However, is keeping your existing equipment operational the right way to keep your costs down?

Could investment in new equipment provide more than just increased reliability, but save you money in the long run?

New combi ovens generally run on 50% less power than their older counterparts and can switch to low energy usage when required too. They use less water to operate, offer a similar cooking capacity, and can be monitored online out of hours to increase productivity in your kitchen.

Similar savings can be achieved in refrigeration equipment both within your kitchen and front of house. We recently installed two walk-in fridges that have replaced a bank of chest units that used five times more power and offered less storage. 


Is going all electric the answer?

Moving away from gas appliances is the ultimate goal for progressive chefs and kitchens.  It’s a cleaner and greener way to operate and can offer considerable savings in both energy and water. It can offer other benefits too. With less heat than gas cooking, you need less ventilation and air conditioning so can save money here too and offer a nicer working environment for your kitchen brigade.

Switching to an all electric kitchen is no simple solution. External factors regarding the power supply to and within the premises 

can be barriers to some projects, particularly in older buildings.  However, the range of commercial kitchen appliances is growing, with flexibility to the challenges of single phase power and higher demand being addressed.

At Lakes Catering Maintenance energy efficiency in commercial kitchens is now an integral part of the conversation when we’re discussing new installations with our customers. The long term benefits are too great for them not to be. For those venues that can afford to go all-electric in one refit, we’ve recommended a combination of different manufacturers to ensure they have not only the best set up for their kitchen but also equipment that reduces the amount of energy they use. 

For those venues that need to improve their energy efficiency in stages to meet existing budgets, we’ve planned out the complete project and determined which elements would reduce their energy costs the most. Prioritising a refurbishment project along these lines ensures an immediate reduction in energy bills that can be used to fund later projects. 

Switching to electric can provide a host of energy savings for venues but there is no substitute for regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen appliances – ask our engineers!

For more information about energy efficient kitchen solutions, contact our team.



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