Service & Maintenance

At Lakes Catering we understand many factors can determine how you wish to maintain your commercial catering equipment. Whilst we are not about ‘quick fixes’ we are time efficient because we understand how vital a piece of equipment may be to you!

We aim to offer our customers a cost-effective plan of action, whilst optimising the performance of the commercial catering equipment and minimising long-term costs- preventing problems occurring in the first place!

We value both time and quality so make sure they go hand in hand with every job we do!

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Minimise downtime

We know that time is valuable and having commercial catering equipment out of action can be costly – especially in a commercial kitchen environment.

Our priority is minimising downtime so you can be back to full speed as soon as possible. We’ll develop a comprehensive maintenance program and if a problem does occur, our team will assist in diagnosing the fault and take appropriate action to help you avoid unnecessary engineer call-outs.

Preventative maintenance

Our preventative maintenance service helps to minimise the costs and reduce any disruption caused by breakdowns, ensuring your commercial catering equipment works better for longer. We aim to identify and resolve any issues we feel may arise.

We do our best to ensure deteriorating and worn components are replaced before faults develop, reducing incidences of equipment breakdown and downtime, avoiding major costly repairs and ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly.

We will also always advise on the best way to proceed with the repeat offending equipment!

Our Engineers

Lakes Catering Maintenance has a dedicated team of service engineers with extensive experience in the Commercial Catering industry, ready to fix issues right on a first-time basis.

Our service engineers are fully qualified and partake in regular training to keep their knowledge up to date and relevant.

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