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Bertha – the original charcoal oven


Bertha ovens were inspired by a desire to create a charcoal oven that would offer outstanding cooking techniques and speeds for chefs, and new taste experiences for its customers.

As the closed oven chamber retains heat it’s possible to cook food in a much quicker time and more efficiently than other grills.  It uses any type of charcoal and many types of wood and allows you to control the temperature easily via an external handle that decreases air flow to the solid fuel chamber. The choice of wood or wood chips used will have a subtle but distinctive impact on flavour, allowing you to create your own house style.



It can achieve a cooking temperature of 250-300 degrees from a cold start in around 30-40 minutes. The walls of the chamber become ‘charged’ which means the Bertha is now using radiant heat, in a further 15 minutes which can be retained for a whole service if required.  Being closed, it allows the typical techniques of an oven such as baking from above, smoking, roasting, grilling, and searing.

The Bertha’s internal temperature may become quite high, but the insulation of the walls and door keep the heat from escaping into the kitchen, making it a more comfortable workplace for the chef.


  • Available in black, red or stainless steel
  • 15 tray height options
  • Fully weather proof
  • Fire Break and Fire Break Hat prevents sparks and safe for use under traditional canopies
  • Includes 2 grill shelves as standard
  • Accurate analogue thermometer on front
  • Capacity to cook approx. 90kg meat per hour
  • Dual bottom air vents for two heat zones
  • Built in grease tray and ash pan
  • Completely made from 100% British Stainless Steel
  • Cooks 40% faster than a traditional open grill such as an open fired Basque or Robata style grill
  • Includes stand as standard
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Fire up time 30/40 min average
  • Performance 2-15hrs
  • Cooking temps 120ºC to 550ºC
  • Overall dimensions: 1800 x 600 x 700 (HxWxD) mm
  • Oven opening: 440 x 575 (WxH) mm
  • Shelf dimensions: 430 x 545 (W x D) mm
  • Depth door to rear: 640mm
  • Volume: 161.9 litres
  • Width between shelf supports: 393mm
  • Height from the surface of the lowest shelf to oven top: 512mm (it is possible to cook on the embers)


2 Years Warranty


Unit 4 Moss End Business Village,




Tel: 01539 724506 | Fax: 01539 724055


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